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We are a car wash in Huntsville, AL!

#1 Mobile Car Wash in Huntsville

At Huntsville Car Detail, we always begin our car cleaning services with a simple wash. Before we begin the wash, we ensure our supplies (towels, cleaning solution, and uniforms) are sparkling clean. Yes, we go above and beyond for all of our customers! Without clean materials, a car wash may worsen your swirls instead of getting rid of them. To further protect your vehicle, we use mild soaps and only the softest microfiber cloths. 

Why hire Huntsville Auto Detail?

While we may be biased, we recommend hiring us to detail your car! Our team cares about the vehicles we work on as if they were our own. Our 100% hand wash techniques protect your car’s paint from unnecessary swirls, scratches, and dings. By using a two-bucket technique, our car washes are the best in Huntsville, AL.

What makes Huntsville Auto Detail the #1 car detailing service in town? Well, we stand out from our competitors in a variety of ways. For example, we don’t wash as many cars as possible. Instead, we focus on providing professional results to a few lucky customers. If you truly care about your vehicle, then you won’t take it to an automated car wash! Automobile paint fades sooner on cars that regularly visit low-quality car washes than cars that visit us. We help preserve the exterior of your car by being as gentle as possible with our wash methods.

At Huntsville Auto Detailing, we provide a full range of car detailing services. Whether you need an exterior wax or removal of scratches, we can help you! Our team often provides exterior detailing and interior cleaning. If we offered you 20% off your next detail, would we get a call from you? Well, the offer is on the table. If you are serious about restoring your vehicle, then schedule us today!

We clean your car like you would clean your car!

Are you scouting for a detailing business in Huntsville, AL? Are you looking for pro workmanship at an affordable price? Well, Huntsville Auto Detail is here to help! We founded our business on three core beliefs. First, beautiful cars deserve time on the road. After we finish detailing your luxury car, we love when you showcase our skills on your high-end vehicle. Second, we treat every car as if it were our own. When you hire us, you hire the best in the automotive industry. Last, we believe Huntsville deserves an honest car detailing solution. If you’re interested in our automotive cleaning services, then we would love to work on your car later this week!

Professional Car Wash in your driveway!

Huntsville Auto Detail provides mobile detailing services in Huntsville, AL! We structure our business in a way that provides convenience to our customers. Whether you are at work, playing golf, or spending time with your kids, we can clean your! Not only will we wash your vehicle in your driveway, but we will provide exceptional service. Our 100% hand wash allows us to clean automobiles – old or new, rusted or shiny, showroom beauties or yard hogs. Regardless of the vehicle you have in mind, we can professionally detail it for you!

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