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#1 Mobile Car Detailer in Huntsville, AL

We offer car wash & auto detailing service in Huntsville, AL. At Huntsville Auto Detailing, we highlight a fully licensed, dedicated, and experienced wash crew. Our dedicated team of professionals ensure top-notch car wash services at affordable rates for the city of Huntsville. In addition to carrying the best possible accreditation, we likewise have the necessary equipment to keep your automobile looking brand new. Aspiring to deliver the #1 rated Huntsville, AL car wash service among our competitors, we always surpass expectations for our loyal clients. We guarantee our customers 100% hand washes, exterior details, and interior cleans, in addition to our other detailing services. Completely investing ourselves in bringing the leading car detailing and car wash service to North Alabama, we proudly service the cities of Huntsville, Madison, and Harvest.

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Don’t look any further for your automobile detailing needs. In Huntsville, we are the premier mobile detailing company. Whether you need a spotless car cleaning, a deep interior detail, or an exterior wax, Huntsville Auto Detailing is the team to trust. We are the top local car detailing company in the Huntsville region, as we only have certified car wash professionals providing auto work in your price range. Give us a call for your detailing and washing needs! After you call, we will get back to you with a free quote as quickly as possible.

​​We are the top local car detailing company in the Huntsville region, as we only have certified car wash professionals providing auto work in your price range. Give us a call for your detailing and washing needs!

We also provide hand car wash services in Tuscaloosa!

Why should you trust Huntsville Car Detailing?

Experienced TeamUpon joining our team, each of our crew members had significant experience providing car services as a living. We further train them in the art of detailing and require they pass our “professional detailer” exam before they begin working. When you hire us, you hire the best in the business. Rest easy knowing we have the skills, along with equipment and supplies needed to deliver you the best results.
Great Value: At Huntsville Auto Detailing, we offer several different services at affordable prices to meet your needs. Unlike other businesses in the car washing industry, our team takes care of all the small details. As we only employ professional detailers, the job is always done the correct way without any shortcuts. We offer an exceptional vehicle restoration services at reasonable prices.
ConvenientIn the modern world, the customer is the focal point of business. Huntsville Auto Detailing is no different; we are 100% customer-oriented. Instead of requiring you to travel to our shop, we travel to you. This innovative business structure eliminates all of your inconveniences. Let us provide premier vehicle care services at your convenience by calling us today!

The story of Car Detailing in Huntsville AL

In Alabama, we hold our cars close to our hearts. Our automotive culture is unique and diverse, from rat rods to Studebaker Avantis. It extends to our surroundings – from drive-thru restaurants to theaters. Automobile-friendly infrastructure can be found in every city or town, and nearly every place on the map connects with a road. 

Cars become an extension of our family. That’s why your dad’s Cherokee has always looked the same. Time stands still in Grandma’s old Town Car. Their familiarity causes us to relate them to a time and place. When we think of the ones we love, we remember the cars they drove. If you recently sat in a relative’s car, it’s astonishing how much of their personality extends to the inside of their vehicle. You can almost smell it…
At Huntsville Auto Detailing, we offer services that will keep your car looking shiny and smelling clean, so anyone who rides in your car will leave with pleasant memories. We offer a comprehensive list of interior and exterior detailing packages. The best part is – we will come to your house to do it. You save on the travel time and get the best service on your driveway, from the comfort and security of your own home. Our affordable prices will encourage you to take better care of your car. Our impeccable service will have you calling us every time. 

Why is it important to hire a professional car detailer?

We spend a lot of time in our cars – going to work, driving to the beach, or fetching in-laws from the airport. There’s no way to prevent a random spill of coffee or a stray french fry. Besides, a car gets all the dust and particulates in the air which settle on trim bits, seats, and the entire interior of your car. It can accumulate in your car for years. It oxidizes the clear coat and wears down the shine on your dashboard. It gives you allergic reactions each time you turn on the air conditioner. That’s what an ‘old car smell’ consists of. 

Clear coat becomes soft in hot weather. Particulates sitting on top of the hot clear coat will eventually ‘sink’ into the clear coat, forming a dimpled surface. That’s when your car will stop looking clean even after you wash it. The look of faded paint. This dust will also fade your windshield albeit at a much slower rate. Glass has a much higher surface hardness and is more resistant to deformation. Yet, if you look closely you’ll be able to see the ‘dimples’ clearly when the sun is directly overhead. Dust particles embedded in the paint appear like little crystal dots. 

The only way to clean these out is to dislodge and pull them out with a good wash and a clay bar, then polish the entire surface. But most people clean their windshield by spraying wiper fluid upon pulling the wiper lever. On a relatively clean windshield with perfectly functional windshield washers, the nozzle will spray evenly and the particulates will be trapped in the soapy foam. The wipers will wipe this foam off with a couple of wipes. But that’s usually not what happens. Your nozzles will spray like wayward fire hoses and the wipers will rub dust bits all across a dry surface, causing permanent scratches and tearing the wiper blade rubber.

With paint, the problem is similar. Micro scratches develop over the years when your car is washed or wiped incorrectly. Swirl marks are a common example of these. As long as they are shallow and sparse, like on a newer car, you can get around this issue with a coat of wax which will fill in the gaps. An older car will have to be cleaned with a clay bar and then polished to cut past some of the scratches. This makes your clear coat less thick, so wax or a protective sealant is a good follow-up. 

Huntsville Auto Detailing professionals can spot any irregularities before they become problematic – remember, the paint on your car is meant to protect the metal underneath from corrosion. We will help you keep your car looking shiny and cared for. We can restore almost any car to showroom condition after hours of labor. 

Vehicle Maintenance

Automotive detailing is the process of thoroughly cleaning a car. Detailing is all about the details – spotting the problem areas and fixing those spots individually. It may be a simple wash and wax or an artful paint and interior restoration. We work on all types of cars and trucks, including 1970 vintage beauties. Many people prefer to wash their cars every month or so on their driveway with a bucket and a hose. Most of the time, our results will surpass yours. But we can help you take care of your car by yourself – we always have tips and tricks to share with our customers. All it takes is a little attention and mindfulness, some patience (especially the first time), and a lot of elbow grease. 
When it comes to car cleaning, the less you do it, the better it is for your car – though only as long as the paint stays protected with a sealant. Sealant adds a layer above the clear coat which will have to be penetrated before any particulates get to the paintwork. Wax and sealant also enhance the paint’s waterproofing, causing rainwater to slide across and down the surface, thus preventing water spots. There’s also the added benefit of a deeper shine and resistance to fading.
Every time someone takes a jet washer to your car, the flow forces dust particles against the paint, creating linear micro-scratches. If you don’t use a grit guard or an extra washing bucket for your mitt, you may cause serious damage to your clear coat. A car’s clear coat wears out every time it gets polished, too. There must be a balance, and in our view, you should detail your car every four months. You must still prevent dust from baking into the wax or sealant. A hand wash with mild automotive paint cleaner will do it. If you live in an area that hardly gets dust, feel free to maintain your car with just occasional wipes using a microfiber towel. Waterless washes are also effective for less dirty cars. 
Detailing makes car maintenance easy for you. Give us a call here at Huntsville Auto Detailing. We’ll show up at your doorstep, borrow your keys, and leave you undisturbed while we work. Do this meticulously like an oil change, and you’ll see that your car feels better for it. There are people for whom a car is little more than an appliance – you wouldn’t wash and wax your toaster every four months. It’s easier to not have to worry about your car. That’s why you stick to the service schedule, don’t you? The reward for you is that every time you’re on the interstate going 70 mph, you’ll know that the summation of parts surrounding and carrying you is working exactly as it should, and turning heads while doing it.

The interior of your car consists of most of the touchpoints in your experience as a motorist. There are the vehicle controls – steering wheel, shift lever, pedals, armrests, and seat. The feel from these things, not just in their operation but also in the texture, changes the way you think when you’re in the car. A sticky steering wheel, dusty gear lever, worn pedals, and torn armrest make you think negatively about your place in life. On the other hand, grippy-clean touch points, fresh seats, bright trim bits and a steering wheel that slides in your hand elevates your mood even if you’re having a bad day. Think of the times when you drove to work in a brand new car – your boss’s opinion stopped mattering as soon as you stepped into the brightest vehicle in the parking lot. That’s how cleanliness and organization affect us – what we see determines how we feel.
We value people who care for others – their family, their community. But to help others, we must also continuously care for ourselves. This includes taking care of our health, finances, and appearance. The way we treat the objects around us sets an example for those who look up to us. Your daughter will never bother to keep her car clean if you don’t. 
Keeping your vehicle neat is like polishing your shoes – you only realize how bad they are when you walk up to them in the morning. That’s why it’s important to set some time aside to give them a good brush down with a dab of polish. In the same way, when you walk up to your car every morning, take some time to look at it – is there bird poop on the roof? Is there a lot of dust on it? Take a minute or two to walk around the car once to make sure the lights work and that the car looks good. This will also save you from getting pulled over for a missing taillight. You can catch a puncture or under-inflated tire.

We wash cars!

You might think detailers are pedantic and it’s okay to just take your car to the automated wash every couple months. In our opinion, automatic car washes in Huntsville are the worst thing you can do to your car short of running it into a wall. They involve putting your car on a rail, hosing it down, spraying it from above with soap, lashing it with long, thin rubber mats, then washing under simulated Amazonian forest rain, spraying with polish and greasy tire shine, and lastly, drying under a giant air curtain. Sure, your car is made of metal and it can take the beating. But paint is a 4-5 mil thick layer over the metal. Clear coat is a mere 1.5 mils in thickness. Those rubber band beatings hammer dust particulates into your paint and glass, adding scratches on those surfaces. Depending on how the car wash is maintained and how big your wheels are, the tire shine may over spray onto the flat surface of your tires. That makes them very slippery and dangerous. Car washes are equivocally criticized by automotive companies and detailing businesses. People have seen dents on their cars becoming worse after an automated wash. 
Touchless washes are also becoming popular these days. Their point is to prevent cars from getting touched by hand or a mitt or a detailing brush or anything else. The washing solution comes in a bottle that can be connected to a pressure washer hose. First, your car is jet washed with water to get all the loose dirt off. Then the washing fluid, which has harsh chemicals, is sprayed like a foam onto your car. This method claims to prevent swirl marks. 
The problem with a touch less wash is two-fold. First, the chemicals in the soap are too harsh for the paint – leaching the clear coat and leaving it dry. The solution dissolves any wax or sealant that may be on the surface. If your car is cleaned this way and you fail to wax it, the paint will stay dry and the clear coat will become cracked under a summer sun. The second issue is that it fails to wash a car! Without any agitation, the dust particles stay where they are. Only loose dust and debris gets taken off by the solution. And even that, when sprayed on by a jet washer, will run across the paint, causing streaks of micro scratches. So even though this method prevents swirl marks, it can add irregular streaks. 
The best method that we use at Huntsville Auto Detailing is a combination of the best practices, using mild detergents and natural ingredients. For example, a simple wash might involve a hose-down with a low-pressure washer. That’s followed by a touch less foam spray, which is washed off. Then we soap the car, clean with a wash mitt, then hose it down again. Finally, we dry the car using microfiber towels and then add a coat of wax or polish to keep it shiny and protected. Call us today for an amazing 100% hand wash.

Every car is different in the amount of time and money it takes to get it looking brand new. A car that’s been cared for meticulously might need an occasional polishing cut. A car that’s been stored outside and neglected for years will take a lot of time and patience to start looking presentable.

​Car maintenance is easier now than it was in the ’80s. Our vehicles are more reliable and better-built than ever before. The paint quality and finish have also improved leaps and bounds. Good paintwork isn’t the reserve of expensive cars anymore – all new cars look great. But maintaining that look and finish can be a concern, especially on a new car. 

Huntsville Auto Detail

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